Signing up for courses on STAR ELM

Important: If you're a contractor at WEDC, WHEDA, or any other state agency, you'll need to create an external account before you can complete these steps. This account is different than the one you use to access the internal site. Please reach out to your agency's point of contact for more information.

Step 1: Go to the STAR ELM log-in screen 

Step 2: Log in using the same information you use to enter your time in STAR


Step 3: Type "Yellow Belt" or "White Belt" into the search bar at the top of the screen and hit enter


Step 4: Find the course you're interested in

Step 5a: Click on the date that's listed to view when the class will be held to ensure that you can attend

For example, here are the 3 days for the January 2018 class:


Note: There is high demand for the Yellow Belt Training. Please make sure you can attend both days before enrolling. 

Step 5b: Click on the location to view details about where the training will be held


For example, here is detailed information about the January 2018 Yellow Belt training location:


Step 6: After confirming you can attend and blocking off the dates on your calendar, sign up for the training by clicking "Enroll" and then "Submit Enrollment"



Step 7: That's it! You should be signed up.

We'll send out an email with more detailed training information a week or two before the training starts.

What if I'm on the waitlist?

If you're on the waitlist, watch for an automatically generated enrollment email from the STAR ELM system. If you receive this email, that means you've been enrolled and we will be expecting you in class. 

Important reminder

If you are signing up for the Yellow Belt course, you are required to watch the "Introduction to Lean" and "Lean 101" videos before attending the first day of class. These videos are available on the STAR ELM system or the internal site

Dropping the course

If you a conflict arises, please drop the course as soon as possible. Learn how to drop a course.