General FAQs

​​What is Lean?

Put simply, Lean is about solving problems. Typically, Lean projects save time, reduce frustration, or cut unnecessary costs. 

​​What's the difference between Lean, quality improvement, and continuous improvement?

As far as we're concerned, these words all mean the same thing. If you're reducing frustration, saving time, or eliminating unnecessary costs, then you're probably doing Lean work. 

​Will I “Lean” my way out of a job?

​No. The purpose of Lean is to make jobs more productive and satisfying for employees. By applying Lean principles, redundant and frustrating work can be eliminated, allowing time for more meaningful work. 

​How can I get involved?

A good first step is to contact your agency's Lean point of contact. Lean points of contact coordinate Lean initiatives in their agency and serve as a resource for employees to get connected with Lean projects and training opportunities.​​

What methodology does the Lean Government Program recommend?

If you're reorganizing a workspace, the 5S approach makes sense to use. Otherwise, we recommend using what's most popular in your organization since all other approaches are nearly identical. For more information, please see our Methodologies page.