Previous Focus on Lean Events

Date ​Guest ​Topic
​June 17, 2016​Scott Converse, University of Wisconsin-Madison​Various Lean Topics
​July 8, 2016​Jordan Petchenik, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources​Surveys
​August 12, 2016​Greg Voeller, American Family Insurance​Change Management
​September 12, 2016​Dan Koetke, University of Wisconsin-Madison​Using Data to Inform Decision Making
​October 14, 2016​Bob Lavigna, Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement​Employee Engagement
​January 13, 2017Kathleen Paris, Ph.D., Kathleen Paris, LLC​Decision Making in Complex Systems
​February 10, 2017​Karl van Lith, City of Madison​Quality and Sustainability
​March 10, 2017​Brian Wakeham, American Family Insurance​Visual Management and Performance Boards
May 26, 2017Samuel Schmitt, Lean Government Program​Developing Lean Project Metrics